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Middle School Electives


Each year, middle school students give their preferences for electives. Attention is given to first choices, but it is not always possible, so students should make selections for their second and third choices with care. PE must be taken one semester per year. Band and orchestra require a full year commitment. Below are descriptions of some elective classes offered in previous years. Not all electives will be offered during each semester.


Come learn how art works and the reasoning behind it so that we can appreciate it further. For example, how come local Native American art only used red, black, and blue-green? Then create your own piece. This art class is for anyone who likes art----you do not have to be an artist to be successful!!!!


This class will look carefully at the scientific international reports outlining where we are and what needs to be done in terms of the current climate situation.  Furthermore though, we will look at a variety of solutions so that we can actually avert this catastrophe.  Class will include some teacher directed instruction as well as opportunities for students to investigate solutions in greater depth through group or individual work..  Solutions will deal with all sectors of this complex challenge---energy, transportation, agriculture, industry and forestry.


This class is typically a continuation of the students' elementary band experience.  However, the middle school band meets every day instead of two days a week.  As such, their proficiency advances dramatically over the elementary experience.  This class requires a full year commitment. 


Students learn basics of jazz scales, improvisation, and jazz standards as well as new jazz composition. Jazz band meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays before school. *Students must be enrolled in middle school band or orchestra in order to participate in Jazz Band, or have special permission from Mr. Ellis. This class requires a full year commitment.


This class is typically a continuation of the students' elementary orchestra experience.  However, the middle school orchestra meets every day instead of two days a week.  As such, their proficiency advances dramatically over the elementary experience.  This class requires a full year commitment.


Students will learn that healthy living is more than eating health and exercising.  They will learn how a positive attitude, strong mental health and a healthy self-image increase their overall wellbeing.  Nutrition, physical exercise, and social-emotional wellness will be explored in an environment that is safe to set personal goals and celebrate individual accomplishments while being a supportive community for one another.


The goal of this class is to empower student leaders to become active members in school government, fiscal management, and community building. Students will learn about their leadership styles, participate in community service projects, and plan and perform at assemblies.


This semester-long course is an integrated elective in which the student will develop skills in media vocabulary, analysis and theory, critical writing, and integrating material from the student’s experiences, history, culture, language, and art and music. Students will continue to develop their skills in composition and reading, have opportunities to speak with clarity and effectiveness, as well as to practice listening abilities. 


All interested students are welcome to join this zero-period class. We focus on learning to sing different types of music, sight singing fundamentals, and vocal production. Choir meets Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays before school. This class requires a full year commitment.


In PE, students will receive 50 minutes of physical activity four days a week. Students will participate in daily warm-up workouts, cooperative games, and a variety of sports. Students will learn the importance of daily physical activity and how to maintain body composition. Students will set personal fitness goals based on their fitness assessments. Finally, students will become physically literate in the Health and Fitness Components and F.I.T.T. PE cannot be taken in consecutive semesters and each student must take one semester each year.


Students will learn to use computers to achieve goals through programming and robotics. They will begin with basic coding skills. While exploring basic programming languages, students will learn how math and sciences play roles in building computer programs and modeling situations. We will also look at the role of robotics in our future while exploring engineering goals using the NXT technology.

MAPLE”WOOD” SHOP- course fee of $50-75, scholarships available

Students will have the opportunity to learn about many different types of tools and how they are used- not all saws are the same or used for the same purpose.  Hand tools have limitations, each tool has a specific use.  Students will be introduced to different species of wood and types of sheet goods; and learn how to join two piece of wood together using glue, nails or screws.  Finally, projects will be finished with non-toxic paint, shellac or a hard oil.