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Maplewood Parent Cooperative School

School Performance Report

maplewood parent cooperative

School Mission

We believe students who have a critical understanding of their world and their place in it are prepared to use academic tools to transform their world for the better. At Maplewood Parent Cooperative, parents/families and staff work together to provide the best education possible for our children, utilizing their many diverse skills. We strive to foster a family-orientated program where children, teachers, and parents/families participate in an enriched environment that nurtures a life-long love of learning and respects the uniqueness of each individual. We acknowledge the need to work to ensure educational justice for all of our students. In partnership, we are working to create learning opportunities for our community to that end.

School Information

View the plan to achieve equity, engagement, and excellence for our students:

maplewood parent cooperativeSchool Improvement Plan

View enrollment, demographics, teacher information and State test scores:

maplewood parent cooperativeWashington State Report Card


About our Building

Opened: 2002
Square footage: 76,554

We are proud that our school facility is used extensively by our community for meetings, events and youth activities.

Maplewood Construction Project

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Our Mission

Our mission is to advocate for each and every student by providing learning environments that embrace their cultural and linguistic diversity as an asset that will prepare them for success as lifelong learners and responsible world citizens.

Invitation to Participate

We embrace reciprocal partnerships with our families to meet them where they are and honor and respect their cultural and lived experiences. One of our strategic goals is to communicate and partner with families and community members so they understand their role in supporting the students in our district.


Committees and Parent Groups

Districtwide Funds

General Fund budgeted expenditures:

Cost Center


Basic Ed. - Classroom 53.5%
Special Education 16.0%
Other Grants/Programs 13.8%
Basic Ed. -Admin & Support 10.8%
Pupil Transportation 4.1%
Food Services 1.8%